This is an educational website created to further an understanding of the various Carnival designers, who often also played as masqueraders, of the 20th and early 21st century. The site seeks to inform on the many aesthetic forms, the creative processes and evolution of skills. They have contributed towards the visual spectacle, historical perspectives, social outlet and the art of masquerade on the streets of the UK and other global towns and cities. This needs to be recorded for future generations in order to keep alive an awareness of carnival arts and its history. Future development of this site is planned to provide a more comprehensive overview.



Carnival Design Styles seeks to define and showcase the different creative motifs, formation of skills and production processes employed by past and present designers and creators of the spectacle that is carnival.




Mas is short for ‘masquerade’. A mas band is a production unit which creates costumes for carnival.  Mas camps are the physical space used by mas bands to produce costumes. The artistic team includes the band leader and/or a design team, pattern cutters, dress and head dress makers, fabric printers, metal workers, accessory shapers. Cooks provide sustenance to the crew to aid the long continuous working hours although these days it is often just a take away. In addition, calypso music provides stimulation and entertainment furthering the mas camp atmosphere. Costumes often include a form of dress and headdress, a back pack for larger costume and accessorised by ornate neck, arms and leg pieces. These are bought and worn by players who make up one of many sections of the band. Players can be anyone who sees, likes and desire to wear a costume.